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Pro Bosque de Chapultepec


With your donation you support the conservation and procurement of the most important “green lung” in CDMX

Chapultepec Park is a space of great importance and significance thanks to the environmental services it provides to citizens and the urban environment. It represents a public good and the opportunity for close contact with nature that also offers several cultural, sports, and recreational facilities for the development of several activities that promote social coexistence, so it is essential to preserve it and protect it for its betterment and enjoyment of society.

When you choose to donate to the Trust, you support these actions:

  • Master Plans, executive projects, rehabilitation projects, woodland maintenance, woodland management programs, studies, surveys meant to identify problems, and the finalizing of designs, among other activities.

Thanks to the invaluable support of individuals, institutions, foundations, and businesses, since 2004 we have actively contributed to the preservation and continuous improvement of Chapultepec Park for the benefit of Mexico City and the more than 20 million annual users that this public space receives.


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