History - Pro Bosque Chapultepec
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Pro Bosque de Chapultepec



  • 2500 a.C. - 1507
  • 151-1784
  • 1824-1864
  • 1906-1991

Prehispanic Period

Period 2500 a.C. - 1507

  • Pre-classic (2500 b.C.-200 a.C.) First settlement to leave skeletal remains and ceramic remnants.
  • Classic (200-900 a.C.) 450-500 a.C. Presence of Teotihuacan burial sites.
  • Post-classic (900-1520 a.C.) 900-1050 a.C. Ceramic evidence of Toltec habitation.
  • 1280 a.C. The Mexicas arrive in Chapultepec, while under the jurisdiction of the tepanecas of Azcapotzalco and choose Huitzilíhuitl as their governor
  • 1299. The Mexicas are forced out of Chapultepec.
  • 1428. Nezahualcóyotl, king of Texcoco, builds a mansion on the foot of Chapultepec Hill.
  • 1465. Moctezuma Ilhuicamina orders the construction of the aqueduct that runs from Chapultepec to La Tlaxpana.
  • 1507. Moctezuma Xocoyotzin orders a portrait of himself and of his brother Tlacaélel, to be carved on a rock on the eastern part of Chapultepec Hill.



Period 151-1784

  • 1521. Chapultepec, along with the rest of the Mexican valley, is conquered by Hernán Cortés.
  • 1530. Carlos V, through the issue of a royal decree, resolves that El Bosque de Chapultepec belongs to México City.
  • 1620-1790. The Chapultepec aqueduct is built.
  • 1784. Viceroy Matías de Gálvez orders the construction of the Alcázar of Chapultepec, project that will be finished by his son.


Period 1824-1864

  • 1842. The Colegio Militar settles in the Castle.
  • 1847. The Heroic Cadets (Niños Héroes) defend the castle from American invaders.
  • 1858. Rancho de la Hormiga is built.
  • 1864.The layout and design of the old forest are executed. Maximilian takes the Alcázar as his official residence, as would Porfirio Díaz later on.


Period 1906-1991

  • 1906.The presidential summer country house is built; nowadays the Casa del Lago.
  • 1924.The Monumento a la Patria (Fatherland monument) is built, a work by Ignacio Asúnsolo.
  • 1934. Lázaro Cárdenas designates Los Pinos as the official presidential residence.
  • 1944. The National Museum of History is inaugurated in Chapultepec Castle.
  • 1956. The Nezahualcóyotl monumental fountain is constructed.
  • 1962. The Second Section of El Bosque, designed by architect Leónides Guadarrama, opens.
  • 1964. Inauguration of the Anthropology National Museum and the Modern Art Museum.
  • 1972. The Audiorama is set up.
  • 1974.The Third Section of El Bosque is opened.
  • 1991. The Casa de la Bola Museum is established, housing Antonio Haghenbeck´s collection.



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